• Highest quality, professional advertisment and visual information carriers

    Highest quality, professional advertisment and visual information carriers

    Advertising stands, people stopper, aluminum stands, OIC poster snap frames, aluminum frames, stretcher frames and accessories, protective foils.

  • Durable and reliable anodized aluminium

    Durable and reliable

    Our frames are made ​​of anodized aluminum instead of raw aluminum, so they does not oxidize and look good for a long time.

  • System OIC (Open-Insert-Close)

    System OIC (Open-Insert-Close)

    Poster Open-Insert-Close snap frame system (OIC), the replacement of poster has never been easier.

High-quality advertisment and visual information carriers - Ramstoj

Ramstoj - Paweł Gasiorowski manufactures and distributes high-quality advertisment and visual information carriers.

We offer a professional and persistent advertising stands and snap frame boards. Thanks to our products, appearance of any store or salon will change for better. Aluminum A-type stands are most commonly used in a variety of promotions, both inside and outside of buildings. For the presentation on wall we recommend poster snap frame boards, which keep poster in one position in the case of open-air presentation, and protect it eg against rain.

Our rich offer also includes a variety of high quality aluminum frames, cover sheets and accessories. Snap frame boards are extremely functional, you can exchange posters without the need for additional tools, and install the board for a permanent location.

All advertising stands, frames and boards offered by Ramstoj are made from the highest quality materials. We encourage you to buy our products!

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